ALEC has been promoting climate change denial to state legislators for a number of years. Its Climate Denial task force is set up to oppose action that tries to deal with climate change. Jennifer Jura has been recently named the new corporate chair. She hails from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), which has a prominent lobbying presence at the Capitol and a $2 million annual budget. The association represents more than 900 independent electric utility companies. [Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) receive 80 percent of their power from coal.] It’s previous lobbying actions include the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Paul Loeffelman was the former chair of the Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force, the precursor of the new Climate Denial task force. He resigned from the position late last year when his company American Electrical Power withdrew from ALEC.

As a matter of interest, over 100 corporations left ALEC after the Center for Media and Democracy initiated the ALEC Exposed project. It also co-sponsored in 2015.

NRECA is one of several sponsors of ALEC currently engaged in litigation against the Clean Power Plan which is an EPA rule to try and manage greenhouse gas emissions.


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