If we look beyond the self-effaced denial, Senator Sessions statements in support of Donald Trump appear to be setting the stage for a V.P. appointment if it ever got to that. The Alabama senator tells us that Trump is a movement more than a man. He also tells us that mainstream Republican leaders will need to start engaging in a little self-preservation if they are to survive. Self-preservation certainly sits well with the Ayn Rand selfishness as a virtue view of the world.

We should also heed the hard truth that Trump defines the Republican Party at this fork in the road. And because the will of the Republican voters has spoken and the message is that they want Donald Trump, the mainstream Republican Party better get in line behind that message if they know what is good for them.

So where exactly is the Republican Party at? This question is probably best answered by defining what movement Trump actually embodies, at least since transcending his human form to that of a movement? I borrow from political economist Robert Reich to help answer this question. The Trump movement and by default the Republican Party stands for the following: statements that undocumented workers “bring drugs, crime, they’re rapists,” that black criminals are responsible for 81 percent of homicides against whites from a white supremacist website, claims that “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the Twin Towers collapsing, telling a Jewish group “I’m a negotiator, like you folks,” who bullies, humiliates and threatens his opponents, including a federal judge hearing a case against Trump University, that childhood vaccinations cause autism, that human-caused climate change is a hoax, and whose attitude towards women is summed up in an interview “women, you have to treat them like shit.”

According to Sessions, the Republican Party is also now one for the workers. A Republican Worker’s Party with a strong position against having all those Mexicans coming over the border taking our jobs. And if Mexico can’t be talked into paying for that all important wall, then according to Sessions the public tax dollars will be be a possible source of revenue.

Sessions states that the Republic Party lost the last election because Mitt Romney’s language and proposals didn’t gain any traction with the workers. Anyone earning under $50,000 needs to know that his Party cares and unless that connection is made the worker is going to take his vote elsewhere. Trump’s supporters apparently believe he is going to give them a chance for a better life economically. This is incredulous – a millionaire/billionaire who cares about the common man. Interesting!

And the way to turn the Hispanics and African Americans into Trump supporters? By helping them remember that the the welfare they might actually need one day isn’t going to be there because that’s the biggest criticism of the Mexicans coming over the border. Right?


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