We all knew he’d come around eventually. They always do. It’s the predictable path of the past. The Republican leaders falling into line. But what is Paul Ryan’s endorsement really about? He says it outright. We should all be deeply concerned by his statement. Donald Trump, if elected as President of the United States, will help turn the House GOP agenda into law. On the issues that make up that agenda, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump share more common ground than disagreement.

And just what is the face of that agenda? Here is a taste for starters. The GOP party tows the neoliberal line with extensive tax cuts to the rich, privatization of the public domain, a small federal government, deregulation, and cuts to social welfare. Not to be forgotten is the celebration of the corporate state and treating corporations as more important persons than any human person alive.

And the pinnacle encapsulation of the GOP agenda is a foreign policy that says ‘go’. Go to war now! The party that creates the fear, the fear of the enemy. A foreign policy that demands American supremacy at any cost. A foreign policy that has over time created the dissonance that is supposedly our greatest threat. There is no reflection here, just reaction.

And finally our environment, the planet we inhabit with the GOP. The agenda here is one of dominion. A dominion over resources, a dominion over the land, deregulation of industry so they can get on with the job at hand. Anything to feed the economic growth machine. We’ll worry about the climate later. The football they choose to kick down the road.

So there is a small sample of the GOP agenda, the one Paul Ryan and Donald Trump share more common ground than disagreement. Good luck to us all!


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