ALEC’s anti-environment agenda is satisfied by spreading its claws into the net metering domain. It’s 2016 agenda includes encouraging states to pass laws to eliminate net metering. The first step in this process is to increase costs for solar users who have historically received a credit for any excess energy they feed back into the grid. The Updating Net Metering Policies Resolution aims to impose a surcharge on people who generate their own electricity through solar panels. The goal is to attack rooftop solar and the renewable energy industry.

The ALEC agenda has been slow to gain traction, but a number of states this year including Iowa, Nevada, and Arizona have taken steps to remove the net metering incentive.

The message promulgated here is that solar users are “free riders on the system.” Never mind that renewable energy will help us move into a new energy age, create more manufacturing and construction jobs, and help the planet in the process. Indeed that is the very problem! Utility industry funders that are dictating the process do not want to see their profits destroyed by competition and certainly not from independent home owners. It’s all a matter of control and money. Control of the resource and control of the profits.

More on this important topic ….


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