The Democrat Senate is grabbing the bull by the horns with its new campaign finance and government reform measures.  The “We The People Act” is an attempt to put the brakes on the influence of special interests and big money in politics.  Senator Chuck Schumer, of New York, pilots the plan which covers disclosure, lobbying, the Federal Election Commission, and the Citizens United decision.  There is at least here an acknowledgement of how unlimited spending, dark money, and special interests are interfering with how our country is being governed.

“Billions of dollars in dark money are swamping our elections, empowering the special interests, undermining our democracy, and dragging Congress to a halt,” Senator Schumer told The New York Times “Getting the undisclosed money out of politics and reforming our lobbying rules will create a healthier democracy and a Congress that can actually get things done for the American people.”

Senator Schumar correctly points out that the Republican Party opposes campaign finance reform. Although it is unlikely the Democrat plan will get passed in the Republican dominated Senate, it makes its point.  With the mood of the electorate over this issue, it will be to the Republicans folly if they try to sweep it under the carpet.

Releasing a plan challenging the political process is an important strategic move by the Democrats. And especially with Bernie Sanders’ bid for the nomination, the candidate who nearly made it to the top job by avoiding the worst aspects of the system.  People believe the system is rigged and the Party that addresses this is going to have the better ear of the electorate.  For the most part, people want this issue fixed as we move forward under a new president.


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