No pandering we will go, no pandering we will

Heigh ho, the dairy-o, no pandering we will go.

Reading the Washington Post take on the Hilary/Bernie fight has brought me to cynical song. But seriously, according to the Post, Hilary’s victories in the latest primaries take away all that pandering pressure from the left. But how is that pressure defined? The pressure that before the recent wins she might not have secured the nomination in Philadelphia or pressure that she no longer has to deal with the core issues facing the the country?

What is the victory in having gotten rid of all that pandering pressure if you don’t take your power and influence which Hilary may have come November and step up and do what is right? It becomes then a bit of a hollow victory.

Bernie’s fight is for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. Why isn’t and shouldn’t that be what Hilary is fighting for? Are we starting to forget what is really wrong with the country again or didn’t the Post understand that in the first place? I won’t answer that.

The Post also speaks of Bernie’s “Quixotic quest” in scathing tones. We will have none of that justice reform garbage! How dare you Bernie for even thinking that justice issues might or should be a platform for a country to take a better policy direction. To do so is to admit that free market corruption runs the government in D.C. and that is both acceptable and with us to stay. That’s a pretty sad admission.

I would classify myself as a budding political junkie and I can safely say that the Bernie people aren’t going away. They are everywhere over the social media just as they should be. So I don’t buy into the Post’s take on the Democrat Party being able to stop worrying about the left.

So sock it to you free market corruption …


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