Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) linked to ALEC

The OCPA is a a conservative think tank promoting itself as a source of “fact-based public policy analysis” to advance “free markets, limited government, and individual opportunity.” It is a member of the State Policy Network. It is located on Lincoln Boulevard near the State Capitol.

They have a number of publications on their website. One of them is called “Perspective” which is released each month. The website also has some tip-sheets, one pagers, and policy papers.

The organization has been around since 1993 and its public policy research focuses on state-level issues. Its purpose is to influence state public policy, similar to think tanks like the Heritage Foundation which function at the national level. It promotes its conclusions through various media outlets which it believes are on the increase and are therefore working effectively. This would explain a lot of the indoctrination through the media in Oklahoma.

It has some events coming up in June and July with one on July 29 called “It’s Good To Have Choices.” It’s called the Oklahoma School Choice Coalition and it will celebrate Friedman’s 104th birthday (that’s Milton Friedman, the economist that is responsible for all this neoliberalism.)

The organization has ties to ALEC through several of ALEC’s task forces.


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