I have been reading Robert Reich’s latest book “Saving Capitalism For the Many, Not the Few” (2015). I am up to chapter 14, “The Rise of the Working Poor” where there is some discussion about the minimum wage and the well propagated myth that employers will be forced to lay off workers if the real value of the minimum wage is ever restored.

According to Reich (2015, p. 134), the Koch brothers hosted a conference for some of the Republican Party’s top donors in 2014 at a California beach resort. Richard Fink, the Koch’s economist was present and he said the following about the minimum wage.

“The big danger of minimum wage isn’t the fact that some people are being paid more than their value-added” … “It’s the five hundred thousand people that will not have a job because of the minimum wage.”

But then he let rip and said that such a big group of “disillusioned” and “unemployed” people would become “the main recruiting ground for totalitarianism, for fascism.”

Apparently all those in attendance nodded in agreement.

So we see that the aim of the haves is to keep the have nots in suppression in any way they can. It is appalling that this is the way the American workforce is constructed. America needs to bring back its unions.


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