What Will Be The Effects Of Oklahoma’s Austerity Measures?

Wise words from Dr. Gerard Clancy, president-designate of the University of Tulsa and member of the Tulsa World Community Advisory Board.

In talking about the right to nutrition, education, health and economic opportunity in societies, he goes on to say that Oklahoma has lost its way in looking after these rights, and especially in the 2016 budget. The ideals of small government and low taxes just doesn’t make the grade anymore.

What I find incredible about this government is its adherence to things that don’t work. They are not the only culprits. Look at the IMF who openly admitted in 2013 that their austerity measures didn’t work. But they want on implementing them anyway! Is it plain ignorance or arrogance that causes governments or organizations with power to continue on their merry path despite the harm and suffering caused to those without the power or resources to do anything about it?

Dr. Clancy says: “We gambled away a core Oklahoma priority — caring for our children, the innocent, the vulnerable, the poor, the disabled, and the mentally ill — for the very lowest of tax burdens. This year we increased taxes on poor families by lowering the earned income tax credit, further paralyzed our public schools through diminished funding, cut mental health and addiction treatment funding and again refused to accept funding for additional health care coverage for the poor.”

… “by making the lowest of tax burdens as the highest of all legislative priorities, we have made it far more difficult for Oklahoma’s children, innocent, vulnerable and poor to pull out of the cycle of poverty.”

And he gives us a warning that the effects of all this are yet unknown.

“Eighteen years from now, what will be the impact of our recent election and tax policy decisions on Oklahoma’s children as they become adults? I fear that unless we change course from this War on Those in Poverty, with new priorities, philosophies, policies, and people to give us a new pathway, this too will be a lost generation.”


See:  http://www.tulsaworld.com/opinion/othervoices/gerard-clancy-a-war-on-those-in-poverty/article_123d0521-a611-54e0-9406-1a85289e2d73.html


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