How ALEC Promotes The School Voucher System and Why

The voucher system serves the agendas of both ALEC and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA). This is in line with Milton Friedman economics which pushes for the privatization of schools. Friedman actually spoke at an ALEC meeting in 2005 and said that vouchers were an important step in abolishing public schools.

The way ALEC works here is to provide a model bill about vouchers which then gets a name change before it is introduced into the Oklahoma legislature.

To give an example, the Lindsey Nicolle Henry Scholarship, was held constitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The way it works then is that the public funds are given to the child to use any where he or she prefers. So the child can choose a religious school with public funds.

This opens the door further for scholarship or savings accounts of public funds to be used at both religious and charter schools.

It’s always about getting hold of the public funds in organizations like ALEC and OCPA, despite their corporate affiliation. If the religious groups keep pushing for the right to choose, this will benefit the agendas of ALEC and OCPA who seek privatization. Privatization of course means making money for their shareholders. And all of this at the cost to public funds and the taxpayer!

See:  School choice efforts could be decided in Oklahoma elections


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