Retaliation And Division Is Not The Way Forward

It’s tragic what happened in Dallas, but what happened in Minnesota and Louisiana where innocent black men were shot by police was also tragic.

My take on events in Dallas and more generally, as someone not originally from this country, is that “bad things” seem to happen here as a result of social inequalities with a long history mixed in with present day economic inequalities.  Then poor laws and practices end up causing tragedies like the shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.  What happened in Dallas, though not acceptable or the answer, is still not an unexpected backlash.

But as if the tragic events aren’t enough, along comes the aftermath like a ton of bricks.  So everything get inflamed all the more.  As an example, the moronic thinking and speaking by idiots like Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman from Illinois.  Many of us are sick and tired of all the warmongering, whether in reference to this week’s events or events overseas.  We’ve been fighting the Muslims for the last decade and a half.  Please tell me they are not now going to have us fighting the blacks.  And of course, Donald Trump wants to build a wall so we can have tension with the Mexicans too.  Maybe we’re all just trying to fight the rigged economy.  Hasn’t that been bad enough?  There is never a chance for the healing.  There are too many people who want to be leaders in this country who will not let us heal.

And I certainly don’t think a retaliatory response as suggested by the extreme white militant types is ever going to be the answer.  Isn’t that what some groups do here in America?  They hunker down for the retaliation.  That kind of attitude means there is never any reflection on what has caused the problem in the first place.  If we sort out the cause of attacks like the one in Dallas then surely they will be less likely to occur.  I appreciate this is a very simplistic view of the situation, but it a start.

President Obama’s words were appropriately condemning of the events in Dallas.  It is certainly a predicament for him to be in as both the president and a black man.  Some say he has favored causes like Black Lives Matter too much.  In many ways I don’t think he has done enough.  What I mean by that is that he has not done enough indirectly through his presidency.  I see it as a kind of professional elitism that began in the Democratic Party at the time Bill Clinton took over the reigns and has continued to the present day where those in the leadership see the world differently from those who can barely pay the bills each week.  I blame the widening gap of economic inequality for this more than anything else.  And I am not going to discuss its causes in this diary entry.  But I do think the country is going to face a lot of strife if the Democratic Party wins the election and they continue down this path of disconnection.

But having offered this criticism I am still grateful this week that we have a President Obama and not a President Trump.  It goes without saying that a Trump presidency would be deplorable and bring things to a head even sooner.  The last thing I read about Trump was that the neo-nazis were going to protect him at his Republican Convention.  So now the Jews are being dragged into this mix of violence.

According to all the statements over the last day, you better not be white, black, Mexican, Muslim, or Jewish in America at present.  Is there going to be anybody left?


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