Scrambling through the Electoral Process

A recent NPR program talked about the place of religion in American Society. The guest speaker made an offhand comment about the current electoral process. He said that although a lot of people are angry about what is happening in the country, if you look beyond the anger, there are some other emotions driving it. One of those emotions is vulnerability. There is a sense of vulnerability about where we are at for the present and where we are going to be after November and moving into the future.

There are a lot of people talking about the unrest in the country and how it wasn’t like this growing up. Well, I’m not from here originally so I don’t know what it was like growing up in America. But it does seem that we are in a very difficult period in the country’s history. I also relate this to Chomsky’s documentary “Requiem for the American Dream'” where he talks about cycles, though this cycle seems particularly significant (and onerous).

Four years ago when President Obama was re-elected the atmosphere was completely different. It was almost as if there wasn’t an election going on as he slipped back into the second term of his presidency. There was none of the disarray or discontent that we are experiencing at present. It is incredible to think that it only takes four years for the country to enter such a maelstrom politically, economically, and socially.


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