GOP Platform Erupts Out Of The Past

I am sure the world is looking on in horror at what American politics is dishing out at present. It affects many people around the world what happens in this country.

The Democratic Party still needs to keep pushing Senator Sanders progressive platform which Hilary Clinton has committed to: student aid, immigration reform, minimum wage, criminal justice reform, environment and climate change.

In any case, look at what the alternative GOP platform represents. A culture war and one that again ignores the economic inequality and jobs issue. Seriously, what sort of message would Republicans be sending their children with a vote for a Trump/Pence ticket!

The regressive, conservative, human rights bashing GOP Platform erupted out from the darkness (and the dinosaurs) a couple of days ago.

Here is my understanding of it to date:

  • a pornography provision pronouncing it as “a public menace”.  Well, isn’t that a bit hypocritical when Mrs. Trump has posed nude.
  • military women to be barred from combat.  This strips women of equal rights with men in the military and paints them as the “fairer” sex (with pay scales to match no doubt).
  • coal is labelled as a “clean” energy source of energy.  Here, we have the complete denial of science with its well documented harmful effects of coal on both humans and the environment.
  • a strict, traditionalist view of family and child rearing.  It implies that children don’t have any rights.  There is a reference here to “conversion therapy” for gays and parents being able to make medical decisions without interference.
  • a most ridiculous statement that “natural marriage” between heterosexual couples is most likely to produce children who don’t become “drug-addicted or otherwise damaged.”
  • gay and transgender rights is again raised with another reference to “conversion therapy”, disapproving of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights, including pushing states to deciding which restroom a transgender person will be allowed to use.  Targeting gay and transgender people!
  • overturning the Supreme Court marriage decision with a constitutional amendment and appointing judges “who respect traditional family values.” An attack on same-sex marriage!
  • building a wall along the U.S. border despite Paul Ryan stating that such a measure was not going to happen.  And no mention of immigration reform generally to deal with the issue in a logical, and productive manner.
  • demanding legislators use religion in making laws stipulating “that man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights.”  There goes the First Amendment and the separation of church and state!

But, the agenda item that was supposed to be the big winning point for Trump was about jobs and standing against the TPP agreement.  That is missing from the platform.  People don’t even seem to register that the issue has been completely ignored.

I guess the hate and bigotry is more important than the jobs.  If the GOP wins the election I can see those same people continuing to have no jobs.  They will either have a lot of time to reflect on that or no time to reflect as they continue to work their two and three jobs to pay the bills.  So much for Trump making America great again!

Finally, add to the above the human rights bashing Newt Gingrich’s comments about deporting everyone in America with a Muslim background (including citizens) who believe in Sharia law. Another, who always seems to keep turning up out of the darkness around election time.  He also seems to have forgotten that his comments violate the First Amendment decree regarding freedom of religion.


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