Coal as a “Clean”Energy Source of Energy, the GOP Platform and ALEC

The GOP Platform is claiming that coal is a “clean” energy source, in complete denial of science and the well documented harmful effects to both humans and the environment.

The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD/PRWatch) reported in June that Peabody Energy, the largest private-sector coal company in the world, is funding a group of individuals, scientists, non-profits, and political organizations that are promoting a position that climate change is not real.

The documents that have been released so far are only showing the company’s creditors. But they show the the financial connection between these groups.

And surprize, surprize, the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE (RNC) is listed as a creditor of Peabody.

Interesting how it then turns up on the GOP Platform agenda.

ALEC is also a recipient of Peabody funding:

I quote from the article below: “Peabody sits on the ALEC corporate board, participates in the Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force, and according to the bankruptcy filings it has provided funding for numerous other ALEC events and “scholarship funds” to bring state legislators to ALEC conferences and events. A lobbyist from Peabody Energy told legislators at a ALEC conference that it is seeking “guerrilla warfare” against the EPA. ALEC has long promoted climate change denial at its annual meetings and through its “model” legislation.”

See:  Peabody Coal Bankruptcy Reveals Climate Denial Network Funding


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