Ramping Up the Fear ….

I would like to add something that we joke about a lot over here, at least in the circles I mix in, and maybe people outside the country aren’t aware of it. There is all this fear mongering about this threat and that threat, like the country is some really dangerous place to wake up to everyday. For sure there have been devastating events involving weather and natural disasters and mass shootings and these are not to be downplayed. But for the most part things have always seemed pretty safe to me. I have traveled on my own to states like Mississippi and Texas for days at a time and not felt unsafe. I have never had an incident of anyone losing their anger over anything. People are generally very polite, they will stop to let you cross a road if you are jay walking, open a door for you, say good morning. I also go out in the evening and have no issue about driving late at night. But all I hear about is how dangerous it all is. You would think by the media and politicians rave that we are scared to leave our houses.

The violence and shootings with regard to African Americans and white police officers are the result of a systemic problem. If these people had not been racially profiled and targeted we would not be seeing what is happening today. I am very comfortable mixing with people of all colors in this country and have attended the black community to attend a gospel singing event where I was the only white person in the church. Everyone was welcoming and no one so much as battered an eyelid at the color of my skin. There was a reception afterwards and I was invited back to the church.  And yet I hear on the local news how dangerous Oklahoma City is and everything is about shootings and murders and death. I also find Mexicans extremely polite and respectful and have no fear of them.

And as far as guns are concerned, I don’t have any fear of the that fact that people want to own them. And I’m from a country where we don’t have gun ownership written into our constitution. It’s not the gun that is the problem, it’s the society behind the gun that needs fixing. I’m not even going to say it’s the individual behind the gun that is the problem. Some people are deeply against gun ownership and I respect that but I don’t think taking the guns away is tackling the problem.

And now we have this Donald Trump and Hilary machine ramping it all up. Both have the potential to turn this country into the dangerous place they actually want it to be. This serves their agenda so they will be able to suppress everyone, plus the fact they both appear to be sociopaths.

If you look at every civilization over time, the methodology of those in the minority over those in the majority is to use every tool in their arsenal to stop the majority from “rebelling”. They use fear as a way to keep things in check. And it works. I have even heard some people in Oklahoma talk about all the terrorists and how we have to fight them. When the main fear is the homegrown leader who is sprouting all the fear. That is not to say that terrorism is not an issue, but to a large extent it has been caused by foreign policies of this and other countries over a period of time to the point where those on the receiving end of the policies react. That is what terrorism is. But of course our leaders’ methodology is not to look at the cause, it’s to attack even harder.

Good luck to us all …


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