ADD/ADHD Label And Treatment Is All Part Of The Corporate Money Making Hype

Big Pharma is responsible for creating “disorders” and “diseases” and then developing treatments to cure it, all in the cause of making more money for its shareholders. They really know how to feed into the modern American quick fix mentality and then direct their marketing towards that.

This is the case with ADD/ADHD which is labelled as a “disorder” and the quick fix treatment is methylphenidate hci (aka Concerta). Concerta is similar to Ritalin in that both are methylphenidates. Methylphenidate was approved by the FDA in 1955 to treat what was termed “hyperactivity” in children which was given the name ADHD.

Then with all the marketing, ADHD was labelled a disorder to be fixed by using medication. Sales of methylphenidate increased by 500% in the United States by the end of the 20th century.

There are a lot of bad side effects to methylphenadate drugs, including suicidal thoughts in children who take it. But none of this is mentioned in the sales literature.

Thom Hartmann who is a former psychotherapist wrote a book called “Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception.” To quote from the article below and Hartmann’s ideas: “rather being a disorder, ADD and ADHD are simply a set of behaviors and tendencies that are often found among hunter-gatherers. For example, what modern, post-industrial society calls a “short attention span” is what hunters and gatherers would consider to be constantly observing the surrounding environment, being alert to any changes. What the modern world calls “impulsive” and “poor planning” may really be an ability to launch into the pursuit of game in an instant. Basically, hunters can take in everything around them, and quickly adapt to changing conditions.”

See:  Big Pharma Does It Again: ADD/ADHD “Treatment” Is Driving Young People to Suicide


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