Cleveland, Ohio’s Shameful Extravaganza

I checked the Daily Kos yesterday and I saw a series of very disturbing articles from diarists: It made me feel I had a lot to fear in this country if Donald Trump were to win the election. The first article is about his wife and how a Jewish reporter received death threats for not writing a nice enough story about her. I started to feel that an America under Trump will be one without First Amendment rights and where certain groups (Jews, Blacks, gays, and Muslims for starters would be targeted). In fact anyone that disagrees with Donald Trump will be targeted if you’re important enough.

The second article I saw was about the group Queen stating they did not approve of their song “We Are The Champions” being used in a political context. Donald Trump in absolute defiance played the song the next day of the Convention. As most of us from the Queen music era are aware their lead singer Freddie Mercury was gay. The GOP platform specifically targets gays  and suggests they need to undergo conversion therapy. The hypocrisy alone is astounding.

The next post was more of a wake up call that anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump is going to feel the weight of his disapproval. This article speaks to delegation votes that were robbed even though Trump didn’t earn any of them. I quote from the diarist:

“And so we continue peeling back the layers on what exactly Trump justice would look like from inside the White House—where anything that doesn’t match his reality or aspirations gets stamped out, shut down, cast aside, squelched, crushed. Pick your verb—if you’re on the wrong side of Trump, forget about it.”

“It doesn’t matter what party you’re in, Trump and his minions will “squelch” you, to use the word of a Republican delegate and 25-year party loyalist from the District of Columbia.”

The final post concerned statements made by Donald Trump about the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite the fact they had nothing to do with the Dallas or Baton Rouge shootings of white police officers and have stated they do not support violence, Trump is going to “put the attorney general of the United States on ‘em.”

And to quote again from the diarist: “And never mind that the Republican National Convention is looking like a combination of horror, comedy, and reality TV injected with steroids for the world to see, especially for including this dude—just never mind all that.”

Whatever is going on in Cleveland at present is the most abhorrent and disgusting example of bullying, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, and all the rest. It suggest a reign of terror and the loss of the rule of law in this country. It reeks of fascism and propaganda and the N. and H. words (that I’m apparently not supposed to say under Godwin’s Law). Can you imagine the leader of this shit show having the finger on the red button for civilization?


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