Charter schools and Oklahoma

I saw a post last week that the Oklahoma government was considering an investigation into radical Islamic terrorism in the state. I was also listening to the BBC news recently in their discussions about the Turkish coup and how Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania, was accused of being involved with the coup. Even though he denies this, he is still considered a “controversial” person and is supposed to be involved with a number of “questionable” charter schools across the United States. Oklahoma was specifically named in the BBC program. I couldn’t grasp the gist of what they were saying at the time but I found this article which explains more. Apparently in 2015, the Center for Security Policy named four Gulen-affiliate charter schools in Oklahoma.

I quote from the article:

“The Turkish government accused Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen of organizing Friday’s failed military coup. While the reportedly reclusive 75-year-old imam — who lives in self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania — denied any connection to Turkey’s military action and even suggested it may have been staged by the Turkish president, Gülen remains a controversial figure. He is allegedly connected to a vast network of questionable charter schools operating across the United States.”

Breibart News who wrote the article below reported about an FBI whistleblower who claimed Gulen was a “threat to U.S. interests”.

I quote again from the article:

“Leaked information revealed the U.S. government’s concern that these schools were being used to indoctrinate students and use taxpayer dollars to fund the Gülen movement in Turkey.”

With the Oklahoma government being so in favor of charter schools and yet so concerned with Islam I just see these two things as strange bed fellows.


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