Hilary’s Choice of VP Does Not Resonate Well

Referring to Robert Reich’s posts below: It’s like Reich said in his commentary: “In fairness, Hillary is only doing what she knows best. Moving to the putative center is what Bill Clinton did after the Democrats lost the House and Senate in 1994 …..” I get that but I also know this … and it ties in with what R.R. said a couple of weeks ago about an old friend close to Hilary calling him out saying that most Americans don’t care about the TPP and R.R. defending against that. What is points to is that a decision was made that the progressives are disposable because they will have no where else to go (perhaps Bill helped her make that decision in the choice of VP). It’s the same thing Bill did with the workers in any case. He left the workers behind because it was assumed they would have nowhere else to go. The progressives are being disposed of, just like the workers. That may well work in the short term. Sometimes these short terms can last for years. But as the problems in the country deepen there will be more and more Trump type figures to appeal to the needs of those who continue to go unheard. I find that a very big concern …


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