Shock Doctrine American style

I talked with a friend tonight and I’m sure he won’t mind me borrowing the essence of what he said because it’s something I’ve been feeling for a long time now. I would say a feeling going back to when we had the primary elections – a feeling of not being able to get away from the politics of the country. You don’t even have to be a person who seeks out what it going on. It’s just there full throttle in your face (and it’s getting worse every day).

I’m sure some of the things the new administration does will lead us in a better direction, like getting us out of the TPP agreement. But the latest executive orders today about the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, and tomorrow an executive order to build a wall on the Mexican border have come as a shock today (at least for me). We also have the concerns regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. And the stance on stopping funding to foreign countries who use abortion as part of their services came yesterday, suggesting a domestic policy shift to take away women’s rights in this area.

The administration is fighting with the media. Websites have been dismantled with information removed about climate change and LGBT. There are other things I’m looking into tonight for the first time – tweet comments about climate change being removed from websites like the Badlands National Park and freezes on the EPA with staff being prevented from speaking out about policy. I guess its part of the 100 day plan to overwhelm the public to the point where we can’t keep up with it anymore and barely know what is going on.

There will also be a new Supreme Court nominee shortly. They need 60 votes to get that passed, so they will need at least 8 votes from the Democratic Party (as per an NPR report a couple of days ago).

I don’t want to be negative but if we start to get to a point where the system and our institutions are manipulated in a way that our Bill of Rights is in name only, then perhaps we are indeed entering the domain of authoritarianism. Many of my associates saw this coming. I just saw Trump versus Clinton and the ousted Sanders. I have no idea how things would have been different under a Clinton administration and we will never know that. The Democratic Party is a much lesser version of what we have at present but I don’t think it would have been the assault that we are experiencing this week. I just hope I’m wrong about all of this and that things settle down. But I’m not confident.


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