The despot?

We should all be talking more about this. On a daily basis now – the president’s comments continues to challenge the separation of powers doctrine, so important in our constitution. If a president seizes power completely he basically becomes the king – the DESPOT. This is what the American Revolution was fought over – to resist the King of England. Are you now going to reinstate a king?

The president has attacked the media by calling them “dishonest” and calling them “the opposition party.” The media is supposed to be the watchdog of the president and therefore our democracy. He has gone after the intelligence agencies, calling them “disgraceful” and accusing them of leaking information. He has also attacked the judiciary. He attacked Judge Garland’s heritage. Now he is attacking the decision of Judge Robart over the decision to stay the immigration ban.

The aim is the same in all cases – to delegitimize all three of these institutions. There is no question that both the media and the intelligence agencies have faced credibility problems. But the answer is not to destroy them.

This could be heading in a very bad direction when we consider that it has happened before. After the court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision the National Guard had to be called in to implement the court’s ruling in Arkansas.

What would happen if the president doesn’t like another decision of the federal judiciary or the Supreme Court? Would he undermine the decision to the point that our federal agency heads and federal officers would refuse to implement the court order? Who would call in the National Guard then?

In a latest update, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell THANKFULLY today stated in “State of the Union” Sunday: “I mean, the courts are going to decide whether the executive order the President issued is valid or not, and we all follow court orders.”
I’m glad to see that at least Congress believes in the separation of powers.

These comments are based on the comments raised by Dean Obeidallah in the article “Donald Trump’s most bone-chilling tweet” (February 4, 2017).



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